Shooting in Memphis party kills 2, with other half dozen injured

Shooting in Memphis occurs at party where up to 300 people were present

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Shooting in Memphis was believed to be caused by two people. — Fox 13 Memphis
Shooting in Memphis was believed to be caused by two people. — Fox 13 Memphis 

Authorities said Saturday at least two people were killed and others six were injured after a deadly shooting in Memphis erupted during a block party where around 300 people were present.

The gun violence was believed to be caused by two people at the party, Police Chief CJ Davis said, as officials have not yet arrested any suspects.

Authorities are also in the process of ascertaining the motive behind the shooting in Memphis.

Memphis Police was quoted by CNN that officials responded to the scene where they encountered five victims having gunshot injuries.

Two people were pronounced deceased while three injured were taken to the hospital.

Authorities further noted that multiple people with gunshot wounds came to the hospitals on their own and the sixth wounded was critical.

The police department earlier raised the figure of victims to 16 however, it later investigated and brought it down to the right including two deceased.

"We believe the error occurred with several victims being reported multiple times," Memphis police said in a post on X, former Twitter.

Police Chief Davis said the department has received video footage from the scene and is looking for those responsible.

"We are working tirelessly tonight to identify the individuals who were involved in this shooting," Davis said Saturday evening.

As many as 115 mass shootings have been reported this year according to the Gun Violence Archive. The mass shooting is defined as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter.