Joe Biden marks Earth Day 2024 with new job site for climate sector

US president introduces new climate sector job site in bid to progress towards green economy

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Joe Biden introduces new Climate Corp site for job seekers for Earth Day. — Reuters/File
Joe Biden introduces new Climate Corp site for job seekers for Earth Day. — Reuters/File

United States President Joe Biden marked the joyous occasion of Earth Day by announcing a new portal for job seekers to apply for positions in the Climate Corps.

According to Digital Journal, this step taken by Biden is to help young people get green jobs in a bid to progress towards a green economy.

Biden, 81, made the announcement on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he wrote: "Today, we are mobilizing the next generation of clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience workers."

According to Biden, the new scheme will train over 20,000 young people to get "good-paying jobs" after they complete their paid training.

The Democrat presidential candidate is running for a rematch with Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump for the upcoming November US elections.

He has stressed the economy in his election campaign, particularly through his Inflation Reduction Act, which is a climate law aiming to speed up the US transition to clean energy, rebuild industries, and boost social justice.

Biden launched the climate service program last fall, and within weeks, the White House received more than 42,000 expressions of interest from Americans, most of them between the ages of 18 and 35.

According to Biden’s climate advisor, Ali Zaidi, the job is "for young people of all backgrounds, no matter their qualification, no matter their zip code, there will now be pathways and positions that they can fill that help them gain the skills to succeed in the clean energy economy."