Woman with testicle in her abdomen baffles doctors in China

Chinese woman declared man after testicle discovered in tummy

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Woman suffers rare condition in China with a testicle in her abdomen. — Unsplash

A bizarre medical condition was encountered by a team of doctors in China when they found a testicle in a 27-year-old woman.

The woman went for a medical checkup and it was discovered by a gynecologist Duan Jie who termed the condition rare, found in 1 in 50,000 infants.

According to local doctors, Li Yuan had male sex chromosomes but female hormones, reported Interesting Engineering.

The condition is called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Duan confirmed that Li had male sex chromosomes but looked female, adding "Socially, Li is female. But chromosomally, she is male."

The outlet reported citing her medical history that when the woman was 18 years old, she was worried about not menstruating. She also encountered a delay in her breast development.

To address the problem, she went for a medical check-up where abnormal hormone levels were found with potential ovarian failure.

The publication suggested that Li’s parents carry recessive disorder-causing genes, so Li had up to a one-in-four chance of having such a condition passed on to her.

She was not treated when she encountered the problem which also exacerbated her condition such as vitamin D deficiency.

Doctors suggested the high risk of cancer if the hidden testicle was not removed.

Afterward, a successful surgery was conducted and the testicle was removed from her abdomen.