Brit destroys £85 pie and mash in 28 minutes leaving pub-goers stunned

Britain's best food eater gobbles down giant pie in less than half hour

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UK YouTuber completes challenge to finish giant pie. — YouTube/BeardMeatsFood

Adam Moran, dubbed Britain’s best food eater, stunned the staff at a famous pub after he destroyed their giant £85 pie in just over 28 minutes, Express UK reported.

Moran visited the Black Friar pub in Salford earlier this year to take on the challenge for his Beard Meats Food YouTube channel.

According to Moran, one of the pies is supposed to be shared between  four people but "if you can finish one solo in one sitting you don’t get it free, but you get your drinks paid for the entire evening.”

The pie Moran consumed was about "three kilos” according to the chef.

People at the pub showered Moran with praise and applause as he completed the challenge in 28 minutes and 36 seconds.

One onlooker said: “That is amazing! I’ve never seen anybody eat like that before! A fantastic achievement, it’s made my day!”

Upon completion of the pie, Mr Moran said it was “delicious” and “really good” before celebrating in the venue.

The pub where Mr Moran completed his challenge also has its own interesting story. Originally built in 1886, the current owners said it was left “derelict” for 15 years.