WATCH: BBQ basting with floor mop ends up in smoke on internet — 'disgusting'

Netizens roast BBQ basting with floor mop calling it gross

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Internet is not so very deliciously divided on this BBQ technique, sworn to be not so unusual by the seasoned chefs, that's causing a stir online and has got every steak lover talking and leaving some a bit disgusted. 

A video by Chef Matt Cooper featuring a lady using an actual floor mop to baste sauce on smoked meat has gone viral, racking up a whopping 48 million views.

 While Cooper dishes out his word to the viewers that these specific "mops" are designed for large-scale cooking and safe for food, the unconventional method has sparked mixed reactions online. 

On the smoking face of it, this quirky technique is a regional speciality, and Cooper drops a clue in his caption for those who might not be from the South, saying "you won't understand."

Here are some not-so-very-savoury comments by some social media users.

One user commented: "That's not even sanitary. And that mop will never be clean or dry. is building up bacteria in the mop."

"The material of the mop may not be suitable for use on food. It could be just like using industrial oil on food, which is the same thing," another said.

One commenter highlighted the technical reason that can contaminate the wholseome meat with the material of the fibres used to make the mop.

“I'm sure the mop is only used for that, but it's still gross. Mopy yarn is going to get on the meat," a social media user remarked. So, what do you think of this new BBQ sensation?