WATCH: Bear family surveys house in California before pool party

Family of bears enjoy pool in California house

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Rising temperatures in California, US, have not only forced humans to stay cool but also animals, as a family of bears was spotted having a pool party in Monrovia, an Instagram video showed.

The family entered a house and explored the residence and its surroundings before finding a pool.

The series of videos released by house occupant Rick Martinez showed a bear and her cubs roaming the property and scratching a tree. The adult mammal entered into the pool and went for a swim, while two tiny cubs watched and played with each other.

Martinez and his partner, Brian Gordon, reported that they frequently witness the carnivorans on the property — located at the edge of a national forest.

Their first encounter was in November 2022 when they moved into the house.

"They are just doing their own thing," Martinez said, adding "We realised they were passing through. They stay away from us."

"I just happened to be home by chance. I ran home to grab something and while I was eating my lunch I heard a noise," Martinez said. One of the cubs had tried to walk through a closed glass door.

Martinez, quoted by the Guardian, said they have had to replace about five pool floats since they moved in.

He also said that they enjoy bear visits, but take precautions.