Microsoft lures users to improve their PCs by doing THIS

Bill Gates-founded company repeats conduct by forcing users to fix PCs by this

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Microsoft suggests users to opt for Bing if they want to fix their PCs. — Microsoft

Bill Gates-founded American technology behemoth Microsoft attempted an innovative way to make people shift from Google to its search engine Bing, as the Redmond-based company continuously markets its products.

Microsoft tried to lure people to use its search engine with an incentive of system optimisation.

The application of PC Manager in Windows has been in the Microsoft Store as an optional platform and it was not a pre-installed programme in Windows 11.

Moreover, less is known about this application as it is not widely used, unlike other programmes. However, those who use it are being presented with a tip for improving their PC by opting for Bing search on Microsoft Edge, instead of Google.

Microsoft, through its tip, suggests that the Google search engine needs some fixing, therefore, leading the user to show that the "default settings have been changed" and compelling users to restore them.

Microsoft has also incorporated an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot into Bing, as the users have not been using it as much.

Bing’s global share of search engines as of April 2024 stood at 3.64% according to Tech Spot report. On the other hand, Google has over 90% global share of users.