Kanye West knows why Diddy was not in jail?

Candace Owens believes Kanye West was right on Diddy after Cassie clip emerged

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Amid Sean "Diddy" Combs's video of beating his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, Candace Owens appears to add a new angle on this by suggesting Kanye West was right about him years ago.

Her post comes amid a sharp reaction to the music mogul clip that saw her violently hitting her ex-partner.

In the post on X, the conservative pundit said the 54-year-old had so far remained untouched because he was allegedly under the protection of American federal agencies.

Kanye West knows why Diddy was not in jail?

"He's not in jail because he's a FED/CIA asset," she wrote. "Kanye tried to tell everyone." 

The claim was pointed to Kanye post on Instagram in 2021 where he shared a screenshot that appears to show his conversation with Diddy in which he was asking Donda's hitmaker address.

"***** **** you," Ye responded. "You Fed."