WATCH: Mysterious blue meteorite lights up skies across Portugal, Spain

Social media reacts to viral videos of blue meteorite spotted in Portugal and Spain by locals

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WATCH: Mysterious blue meteorite lights up skies across Portugal, Spain
Massive blue fireball streaks across skies in Portugal, Spain. — X/@TheKevinDalton

Numerous videos have surfaced online that show a colossal meteorite streaking across the skies of Spain and Portugal on Saturday, Mint reported.

Despite the absence of an official confirmation, numerous social media users have shared captivating images and videos.

The images and videos show the sky aglow with brilliant blue light, attributed to the meteorite.

Locals in Portugal, Spain react to meteorite streaking across skies. — X/@TheKevinDalton

Soon after locals in Portugal and Spain, who captured a glimpse of the meteorite, shared the videos online, they went viral garnering diverse reactions from netizens.

While many users expressed sheer astonishment, others were left utterly awestruck by the spectacle.

"UNREAL!! MASSIVE Meteor sighting over Portugal! To see a streak like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event! No word on whether it hit earth and become a Meteorite! Also seen for Hundreds of miles! Wow," wrote an X user while sharing videos of the event.

"Wow this was impressive, so bright! From the color it seems be made of magnesium," commented a user on the image posted on Reddit.

"Here’s where I’m weirded out. the person filming it, probably missed actually seeing it. I thank you for your service." wrote another user.

"That green glow is consistent with meteorites," wrote another user.