Charles grows closer to William while his relationship with Harry deteriorates

King Charles has grown closer to William since he and Kate Middleton were diagnosed of cancer, source

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Charles grows closer to William while his relationship with Harry deteriorates  

King Charles has grown closer to Prince William after the monarch and Kate Middleton both were diagnosed of cancer, claimed a royal expert.

Speaking with The Mirror, royal expert and commentator, Jennie Bond, said that cancer "have brought” Charles and William closer while the King’s relationship with Prince Harry deteriorates. 

She said the monarch and Prince of Wales “confide their feelings and fears to one another” while Harry is busy carrying out his own ‘faux-Royal’ tours, referring to his recent trip to Nigeria.

Shedding light on Charles’ relationship with Harry, she noted, "There's no doubt that the King is incredibly sad about his broken relationship with Harry and, of course, his almost non-existent relationship with his two grandchildren in California.”

“But I think he sent out a clear message when he did not have time to meet Harry,” Bond added. "The stress of a fractured relationship with his younger son in my opinion may be too much for him to handle at the moment.”

“Charles is a very emotional man and it may be that the pressure of trying to untangle a complicated relationship with Harry right now is just not something he should be tackling when he is also fighting cancer.

“I believe that the King will always leave the door open for Harry, I'm sure he still loves his 'darling boy', but the time has to be right and at the moment the King's focus is on getting well again as soon as possible and fulfilling as many diary engagements as his health allows."