Onlookers stunned after unusual act of Chimpanzee at China zoo

Monkey returns sandal in China's zoo to onlookers

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Chimpanzee amazes onlookers with a strange act. — Newsflare via New York Post

An unusual occurrence took place at a zoo in China where a man mistakenly threw his sandal into a Chimpanzee’s enclosure.

After noticing that the sandal was missing, the man requested a staffer at the zoo to help him get back his sandal.

As the sandal dropped inside the den, the 14-year-old chimpanzee started playing with the footwear but something unexpected occurred.

It can be seen in the video, reported by Newsflare, that the chimpanzee held the footwear and started chewing it like a toy.

Then suddenly, after the man started demanding him, the creature threw the sandal toward the man above where visitors were standing.

This astonished the onlookers as the keeper of the Dong Dong said that the ape is very intelligent and often returns the lost items to the visitors.

It is not the first time that the closest species of humans have thrown something back to the owners of the objects in the zoo.

According to a New York Post report, last year, a man threw a water bottle at a monkey's den at a Chinese zoo, which the animal threw toward the person.