WATCH: Donald Trump's video makes him look unreal

Donald Trump welcomed by people in Democrat neighbourhoods comprising mostly blacks

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WATCH: Donald Trumps video makes him look unreal
Donald Trump’s young years revealed in new Truth Social video. — X/@LauraLoomer

A new video has surfaced on the social media platform, Truth Social, showing former US president Donald Trump’s young years with a background song Back in the New York Groove.

The video was released by Trump’s campaign sometime before the Republican’s South Bronx rally.

Trump’s clip was also reposted on X platform, formerly Twitter, as a journalist expressed best wishes for the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

— X/@LauraLoomer

The caption with the video read: "President Trump just posted this video on Truth Social! He is truly an Icon. I don’t know how you can watch this video and not Love this man. I love him, and I would do anything to support this man. He is truly one of a kind."

Another user on X posted a prayer: "Lord, please protect Donald Trump and place him back in office to govern us with YOUR righteous hand and make America great."

According to an Axios report, Donald Trump was warmly welcomed by people in the Democrat neighbourhood comprised of mostly black and Latino supporters.

While addressing the rally, the indictment-plagued Trump said: "New Yorkers have something called common sense... and old fashioned common sense is exactly what I plan to bring back to the White House."

"We are going to renovate New York's subway system so it no longer looks like it hasn't been cleaned since 1932," Trump promised.