Who bought Donald Trump's $10m prized possession to help him pay off legal fees?

Former US president faces cash problems amid numerous legal battles including his hush money trial

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Who bought Donald Trumps $10m prized possession to help him pay off legal fees?
Donald Trump forced to sell private jet as he faces cash problems for legal battles. — AFP/File

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has sold his $10 million high-speed private jet to one his most generous donors.

Trump's latest move comes amid his numerous legal battles that have strangled for him cash.

The presumptive Republican presidential candidate is currently occupied in his hush money trial in New York. 

But who bought Trump's famous 1997 Cessna 750 Citation X?

According to the Daily Express, the jet was purchased by Trump's "Make America Great Again" supporter and megadonor Mehrdad Moayedi earlier this month for an undisclsed amount.

Moayedi is an Iranian-American construction and development tycoon of Centurion American Custom Homes, who has previously donated at least $245,000 to the GOP between 2019-2020.

Who bought Donald Trumps $10m prized possession to help him pay off legal fees?
 Iranian-American development tycoon buys Trump's $10m high-speed jet. — Daily Beast

According to a March report by the New York Post, Trump, 77, has averaged over $90,000 a day in legal fees for over three years, none of which has been paid for with his own money.

The report also revealed that Donald Trump has relied "almost entirely" on donations made in an attempt to fight the results of the 2020 election and since their pockets have run out of cash, Trump's team has made desperate pleas for cash.

Since then, Trump has launched merchandise including his $59.99 MAGA bible and his $400 gold sneakers. 

The sneakers' domain was bought by a Parkland shooting survivor who redirected customers to a gun safety site.