Bear in Los Angeles loves stealing these things

This bear broke into the same house week earlier and went through groceries

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Bear in Los Angeles loves stealing these things
Bear in Los Angeles loves to steal cookies, groceries from residents of Monrovia neighborhood. — YouTube/ABC 7 

A hilarious occurrence took place in a home in the Monrovia neighborhood, Los Angeles, where a bear with a sweet tooth sought to fulfill his cravings by stealing a pack of cookies, according to a video clip shared by ABC 7.

In the clip, it was seen that a brown bear calmly broke into the house through the window and came out with the recognisable blue package dangling from its mouth.

A neighbor told the outlet: "I was scared to death. He was so close. That never happened before."

Another bear, a week earlier, also came into the same house, broke into the residents’ car, and went through their groceries.

The neighbor also shared that she had an incident last year in her home when a bear came into her garage, and stole chocolate cake from the fridge.

The residents of the neighbourhood believe that the heists were all by the same bear.

"That’s why we named him Oreo," she told KTLA 5, adding that "he’s not just roaming around. He’s actually going into the houses. So now, it’s a very scary thing to leave a window open or your backyard door open or anything."

"We are OK with them around — it’s just this one that got too comfortable opening screens and getting inside the house and pushing windows," she told the local media.