Dubai Gaming Visa : How to apply and who is eligible?

Dubai recently announced visas for gamers to put gulf state on global gaming industry map

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Dubai Gaming Visa : How to apply and who is eligible?
Everything you need to know about Dubai's new visa for gamers. — Unsplash 

Dubai recently announced a new visa exclusively for gamers around the world in a bid to establish itself in the global gaming industry.

The Dubai Gaming Visa is part of the emirate's comprehensive "Dubai Program for Gaming 2033" (DPG 2033), aiming to attract top talents in the gaming industry.

But what does the visa offer and who can apply for it?

What does Dubai Gaming Visa offer?

The Dubai Gaming Visa offers long-term residency to gamers, content creators, and industry professionals globally, providing them with a stable and secure environment to expand their careers.

Furthermore, successful applicants will receive a "Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate", which enhances their professional profiles and opens the gate to numerous career opportunities in Dubai's booming gaming industry.

Who can apply for Dubai Gaming Visa?

According to a report by the Times of India, applicants must be at least 25 years old.

They must also have a proven track record and expertise in the gaming industry, whether as a professional player, content creator, developer, or in other relevant roles.

Additionally, the applicants are required to submit a comprehensive gaming-related resume, a copy of their passport, and their educational qualifications and proof of community contributions, both of which are optional.