Travellers can now carry liquid containers in hand luggage at UK airports

UK airports remove dreaded "100ml liquid rule" to make air travel more convenient for passengers

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Travellers can now carry liquid containers in hand luggage at UK airports
Major UK airports to remove longstanding '100ml liquid rule' for hand luggage. — Forbes

For quite a long time, travellers with hand luggage at airports in the United Kingdom have only been allowed to take liquids and creams in containers of up to 100ml on board an aircraft.

However, according to the Daily Express, several UK airports are set to remove the longstanding "100ml liquid rule" and introduce new advanced 3D security scanners that provide detailed images of luggage contents.

The scanners enable security staff to inspect items without requiring passengers to remove them from their bags and carry them in transparent bags.

Passengers are now allowed to carry liquid in containers of up to two litres in their hand luggage.

Here is the full list of the airports adopting this new technology.

Birmingham Airport — This was the first major UK airport to remove the restriction.

Bristol Airport — This airport will remove the restriction once its new scanners are ready to go live by June 14.

London City Airport — This airport has already installed the new technology and is operational.

Teesside Airport — This airport has also adopted the new scanners, making security checks quicker and more efficient.

Heathrow Airport — As one of the world's busiest airports, this airport may not meet the June 2024 deadline but aims to complete the rollout by June 2025.

London Gatwick Airport — This airport has announced plans to have all new scanners installed by the first quarter of next year.

Manchester Airport — This airport is also targeting the first three months of next year to fully implement the new technology.

Luton Airport — This airport aims to introduce the new scanners by June, following a significant investment in security upgrades.