UFOs, aliens' secrets to be revealed soon, claims lawyer

All of them would be made public for the first time, the outlet reported Thursday, UFO whistleblowers' lawyer says

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A representational image of a spaceship perched atop a grassy hill. — Pexels

Daniel Sheehan, the attorney of the UFO whistleblowers, has revealed a potential date on which the US government is likely to make public all the classified information it possesses about aliens and unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), reported Metro UK.

While speaking on the podcast Freedom Pact, he disclosed that the document could be released on or around October 18.

Sheehan spent several years convincing authorities at the Pentagon to release the classified information containing evidence of encounters with extraterrestrial life.

He also underlined that the document comprising 64 pages has secret information about UFOs was contracted to a short bill of 24 pages and then made a law.

According to the lawyer, the document is full of top secret information about encounters of over 25 years old including the famous ones such as the Roswell Incident, the Phoenix Lights and the lesser-known 1957 RB-47 encounter.

All of them would be made public for the first time, the outlet reported Thursday.

After the bill was passed last year in December, a 300-day countdown started under which the government is bound to reveal all the secret information.

Sheehan said: "The law has now mandated that all six of our US military services, all 18 of our intelligence agencies, all 32 of our defense department agencies are all ordered to gather together every single piece of information they have acquired pertaining to the UFO phenomenon and non-human intelligence that is understood to be responsible for it."

"They are to gather that all together and have it available in a digitised and retrievable form by October 18 of 2024."