Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor at risk of getting divorce case dismissed

Former NBA star Iman Shumpert and Singer-actress Teyana Taylor under pressure to finalise divorce

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Former NBA star Iman Shumpert and singer-actress Teyana Taylor face deadline to finalise divorce

Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor are getting a push to finalise divorce as the court-ordered deadline nears.

The judge has set a deadline of June 27th for them to submit their divorce settlement in writing, TMZ reported.

The couple has been occupied with court proccedings this week with hearings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to address their issues.

Iman, 33, and Tenaya, 33, have now been asked to document their agreements and finalise a judgement that he can approve.

The judge has also sought a parenting plan and details regarding child support by noon on Thursday.

The couple are at a risk of getting the case dismissed if they fail to meet the deadline. However, this won't bar them from reopening their divorce proceedings in the future upon missing next week's deadline.

Teyana filed for divorce in January 2023, more than 8 months before publicly announcing their separation. The couple wed in October 2016 and later welcomed two daughters Iman Tayla and Rue,

In her initial filings, the mother of two accused Shumpert of being under the influence when caring for their children and called him out for cutting off the utilities in their family home, leaving them without essential services like water.

She also alleged financial mismanagement on Shumpert's part, claiming he withdrew nearly $4 million from joint accounts and left her with unpaid renovation costs estimated at $200,000.