British military horses escape for second time in 3 months

Army, Metropolitan Police quickly round up horses after their escape as one of them suffer minor injury

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British military horses run on streets of London. — Reuters/File
British military horses run on streets of London. — Reuters/File

LONDON: Three British military horses ran loose through the streets of central London after breaking free from their handlers on Monday.

This was the second such incident that has happened in the past three months, reported UPI.

During exercises on Monday morning when the lead horse was spooked by a passing bus, three horses escaped from their handlers from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, the Ministry of Defence confirmed.

The horses were quickly rounded up by army and Metropolitan Police personnel and they were returned to their Hyde Park Barracks, the officials said.

Moreover, one of the horses was treated for a minor injury, however, no human injuries were reported.

This incident took place after four military horses escaped on April 24. After being spooked by noise from a construction site, they ran loose through the city.

Additionally, officials said none of the horses in the most recent incident were involved in the earlier escape.