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Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

Dallas: Iftar dinner hosted in honor of Noor ul Huda

Dallas: Iftar dinner hosted in honor of Noor ul Huda

DALLAS: A prominent Sindhi and Urdu play-writer and former Sindh Minister Noor ul Huda Shah has said that it is time for people to ask those who claimed to be Sindh's Messiahs as of what they have done for the province and coming generations of Sindh and what they plan to do in future.

She said that if we stay quiet then the oppression and injustice would never end. Ms. Shah was addressing at an Iftar dinner in Dallas, hosted in her honor by Sindhi Association of North Texas.

Addressing the gathering, she said “we are far behind in the race of development because we are keeping quiet. We just applaud politician's speeches and vote for them without asking them relevant questions.”

She said that it is essential to raise political consciousness in masses, so that they participate fully in the political discourse. She said Sindhis are compromising nation and they are so courteous that they feel shy even in posing questions to their politicians or protesting on their wrong actions as they think that it will be insulting for their invited guests.

She said she was very happy to see that Sindhis are competing very well in development rest in USA. It is good to see that they have the love for the soil even sitting thousands of miles away from there and they work on welfare projects in Sindh, Ms Shah added.

She further said that people who came to Sindh five thousand years ago or hundred or sixty years ago, they are all Sindhi and they all have to work together for the welfare of the province.

Sindhi Association of North Texas President Moazzam Bhangar and Sarfaraz Abbasi also spoke on the occasion. The Iftar reception was attended by a large number of community activists and leaders including Pakistan Muslim League(N) North Texas coordinator Mr. Siraj Butt who specially attended the meeting. A large number of Sindhi families from Dallas Fort Worth area also attended the event.

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