Crime in Ramzan, lower than last year : CPLC

Crime in Ramzan, lower than last year : CPLC
KARACHI: The crime graph usually spikes during Ramzan with the frequency of various crimes in the metropolis spiking during the holy month. This year according to the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) indicate a major decrease in the year-on-year crime graph.

According to the CPLC’s analysis of crimes registered with the CPLC or those where authenticated information was received, a decrease was witnessed.

CPLC Chief Ahmed Chinoy gave credit for this decrease to the law enforcement agencies, the Police and the Rangers paramilitary force.

CPLC adds, that the Sindh government “took special measures and the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and the Honorable Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan have been instrumental in maintaining a better law n order situation this year”.

According to the data, theft/snatching of four wheeler vehicles went down by over 35% with 274 theft/snatchings being reported in 2014 as compared to 427 in Ramzan last year.

Theft/snatching of two wheelers went down by over 30% with 1733 cases reported in 2014 as compared to 2459 cases in Ramzan last year.

Cell-phone snatching and theft was down by 22% with 1156 cases reported compared to 1497 last year.

Extortion has plagued this city for years with traders shutting down operations relocating their business to other cities and in some cases abroad. A 33% decrease was witnessed according to the data available, with 77 cases reported in Ramzan this year as compared with 115 cases reported last year.

Kidnapping for Ransom has been used by gangs and militants to finance their illegal operations in Pakistan. Kidnapping for ransom was down by 88% with only three cases reported during Ramzan this year compared to 25 cases last year.

In Ramzan last year 178 people were killed in the city while in Ramzan this year 111 cases were reported, a reduction of 37%.

Robbery also witnessed a decline with only nine cases of shop/home robbery reported in Ramzan this year, a decline of over 80% compared to 48 cases reported during the holy month last year.

No banks were robbed this year during Ramzan as compared with 4 bank robberies last year.