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Government should begin result oriented talks with Taliban: Nawaz

Government should begin result oriented talks with Taliban: Nawaz

LAHORE: PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif said the government should take Taliban’s offer for talks seriously, adding that the government should begin meaningful and result oriented talks without any further delay.

In a statement, Nawaz said that war was not the solution to any problem and Pakistan is a paying a heavy price for making the mistake to use violence as a solution to its problems.

Nawaz also said that the PML-N has always supported the resolution of issues through dialogue and support talks with the Taliban even though the current government’s record is not such that it could give any guarantees.

Nawaz further added that the resolutions passed by the parliament also stress that concrete measures be taken to solve the issues.

Nawaz’s statement also said that the people of Pakistan need peace, as progress and prosperity cannot even be imagined without it.

In a 27 minute video released earlier this month, the Taliban set two conditions to hold talks with the government. According to a Taliban spokesman, talks would be held if Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Munawar Hasan and Nawaz Sharif came as guarantors.

The second condition was the release of Taliban commanders being held by the Pakistani government.

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