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Friday Mar 04, 2016
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Qaimkhani to drop the real bombshell

Web Desk
Qaimkhani to drop the real bombshell

by Usman Manzoor

ISLAMABAD: What the former Nazim of Karachi Mustafa Kamal revealed in his presser on Thursday is just a tip of the iceberg because the person sitting next to him had allegedly been passing on directions of killing Karachiites from London to the target killers. Anees Qaimkhani has remained very close to Altaf Hussain and had been passing on the orders of Altaf to the killers in the past years and many documents available with the security agencies have also documented the same.

Whether it was Ajmal Pahari, the killer who has confessed to killing over a hundred people or Ishtiaq Policewala, the notorious target killer of MQM, or Umair Siddiqui, who recently confessed to having killed 122 people, the name of Anees Qaimkhani has featured in all the Joint Interrogation Teams (JITs) for conveying the “message” from London to the killers.

It is believed that Anees keeps almost all the secrets of Altaf and MQM and when he will speak out, the MQM would not be in any position to counter his claims.Mustafa Kamal’s tirade against Altaf Hussain was long due because reports were out that he could defect anytime from the MQM. However, the revelations of Anees Qaimkhani could be more serious.

Ajmal Pahari had revealed in his confession that instructions of target killings were given by Muhammad Anwer from the London Secretariat and from 90 MNA Hyder Abbas Rizvi, Anees Qaimkhani, Shakeel Omer and Liaquat Qureshi passed on the orders and Anees Ur Rehman and Qamar Tedy gave orders from South Africa.

The JIT (No SO (Le-I) /3-16-2010-/2010 dated 31-03-2011) says that the investigation was carried out by the ISI, MI, IB, Pakistan Rangers Sindh, Karachi Police, Special Branch and CID Karachi and Pahari confessed to have received training in India and of killing 53 persons from 1986 to 2000 and 58 others between 2005 to 2011.

“In 2010 November, I was given the task by Anees Ahmad Qaimkhani at 90 to kill Aftab Malik, Chairman Behari Qaumi Moment. I gave the task to Naushad and Manzoor and their team killed him on 26 November, 2010.”

Another notorious target killer Ishtiaq Policewala confessed before the JIT of killing dozens of people on the orders of the party high-ups, including Anees Qaimkhani. Ishtiaq told the investigators that there were several “setups” working in Karachi, carrying out target killings.

Initially, all the killing teams in Karachi were centralised under Shakeel Omar. Later, Ajmal Pahari and Saeed Bharam were given the responsibility but finally a new set-up under Adeel Bhai and Siddique Bhai was formed. Qamar Teddy and Raza Bhai of New Karachi are in-charge in South Africa, and Adeel Bhai and Siddique Bhai were in touch with these individuals, but were also in touch with London, where Anees Qaimkhani was the in-charge of the killing teams.

Recently, an arrested target killer of the MQM, Umair Siddiqui, who has confessed to having killed 122 people, told investigators that the Rabita Committee’s Deputy Convener Anees Qaimkhani convened a meeting at the Khurshid Begum Memorial Hall in 2008 where directives to expedite killings on an ethnic basis were issued. Hammad Siddiqui and all sector and joint sector in-charges attended the meeting

-- Originally published in The News

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