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Wednesday Mar 01, 2017

Taxila man allegedly sets himself ablaze for failing to pay back loan

TAXILA: A 30-year-old man in Taxila allegedly set himself on fire for failing to pay back a loan of Rs4,000 to his employer.

Imran in his statement to the police said that Kamran, his employer and owner of Salma Sitara factory, used to harass him and had tied him up in a shop for failing to return the money.

Imran admitted that he was fed up of the constant harassment so he set himself ablaze.

Faisal, an eyewitness, also said that he saw Imran setting himself on fire.

Police have registered a case against the labourer for suicide attempt while a case has been registered against Kamran for illegal detention.

The father of three after being found tied up was transferred to the Holy Family Hospital with 85 per cent burn injuries, rescue services said.

His family, however, maintains that Imran was set on fire by his employers.

According to Imran’s wife, the employer called him at a secret location, tied him up and set him on fire.

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