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Friday Apr 21, 2017

Judgment day is near, when Zardari lectures about honesty: Nisar


WAH CANTT: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday urged all leaders and political parties to respect the decision of the Supreme Court in the Panama Leaks case.

Speaking at a press conference in Wah Cantonment, the interior minister claimed that some politicians were twisting the apex court's decision.

"It is not true that two are leaning on one side and three on the other. Two judges have expressed difference of opinion. Every judge has his or her right of opinion. But all five judges have signed and owned the part about forming the joint investigation team (JIT)," he said.

"Courts do not rule according to people's wishes. The Supreme Court's decision should be accepted by all," he said.

Criticising the opposition parties, who have demanded that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif step down until the JIT completes its investigation, Nisar said the decision should not be needlessly turned into an issue.

"Some people are protesting against the court's order! Some are praising one judge over the other, some are saying negative stuff. This should not be made into an issue, the decision should be left up to the Supreme Court," he said.

“It means the judgment day is near when Zardari preaches people over honesty and Article 62 and 63 (refers to Sadiq and Ameen),” Nisar said taking a jibe at Asif Ali Zardari.

Nisar criticised the former president, saying that he is surprised that Zardari is lecturing people over transparency and suggesting what the PM should or should not do.

Dawn leaks 

When asked by a reporter about the Dawn leaks issue, he said that the formal report will now be presented on Monday or Tuesday.

“When the interior ministry receives the report, it will be forwarded to the PM,” said the interior minister.

The issue was related to a news story which discussed an internal civil-military rift over the issue of tackling Jihadi outfits. Pakistan's top military commanders had expressed serious concern on the story, calling it "feeding of a false and fabricated story of an important security meeting." Not only that, the military leadership had also termed it a breach of national security.

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