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Saturday May 06, 2017

Commotion mars event as PTI, PML-N supporters exchange slogans

PESHAWAR: A local summit turned into chaos after a clash of slogans ensued between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters and opponents while PTI chief Imran Khan sat silently in the ruckus.

Imran Khan along with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, was attending a Digital Youth Summit in a private hotel in Peshawar.

After seeing their leader, PTI supporters got carried away and began chanting ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogans.

However, this was not received well with party opponents and they instead started chanting ‘Ro Imran Ro’ (cry Imran cry) slogans.

While the clash of slogans continued, Imran Khan sat silently listening to the commotion. However, the leader told the organisers to ensure that such an incident is avoided in the future.

The war of slogans led to disorder at the packed venue and became distasteful for most people.

The organisers had also failed to ensure that there was enough room for journalists at the venue due to which many media personnel could not bring their video cameras in. Many journalists had already boycotted the event because of this.

Improved relations with neighbours only way forward: Imran

Speaking at the occasion, Imran Khan remarked that Pakistan can only progress if it improves its relations with India, Iran and Afghanistan.

If these three countries improve their ties with Pakistan then it will benefit China Pakistan Economic Corridor and pave way for the future, he added.

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