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Friday Jul 28 2017

Panama verdict beginning of accountability in Pakistan: Imran


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that the Supreme Court verdict on the Panama Papers case is the beginning of accountability in Pakistan and others too will be held accountable. 

Addressing the media after the Supreme Court's verdict disqualifying Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, Khan, who was one of the three petitioners in the case, thanked the judiciary of Pakistan. 

The PTI chief also paid tribute to the judges and referred to the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) members as heroes.

"What the JIT did in 60 days could not have been done even in the West," he said. 

“With this investigation, it is evident that we have the capability to put a check to corruption. The Supreme Court has proven that today."

“Everyone will be held accountable now. This is the beginning,” said Imran.

"The Supreme Court’s decision has given hope to the people of Pakistan today,” proclaimed the PTI chairman. 

He added the heads of government institutions responsible for accountability, such as NAB and SECP, were hand in hand with Nawaz Sharif. 

“They are not criminals, they are traitors,” said Imran while referring to PML-N lawmakers who had alleged misappropriation of funds at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

"Allama Iqbal had dreamed of making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state; Quaid-e-Azam believed in the rule of law. And if Pakistan was not to become an Islamic welfare state, there was no reason for us get separated from Muslims in India," the PTI chairman said.

"Today the foundation of Allama Iqbal's Pakistan has been laid," he added.

Lastly, Khan thanked all those who stood by him in the last 21 years [since the party was formed] as well as those who have been struggling for justice for the past three years. 

The PTI chief also announced to hold a rally at Islamabad's Parade Ground to celebrate Youm-e-Tashakur [Thanksgiving Day] on Sunday. 

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