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Saturday Sep 16 2017

Teenage maid found dead in Karachi

KARACHI: A teenage maid was found dead in a house in the Defence area of Karachi on Saturday afternoon.

The investigating officer from the Gizri police station said that the employers claim the domestic help had committed suicide.

The police also said that the employers, Syed Hassan Mazhar, and his wife, said they found F* hanging from a fan in her room. 

However, when the police reached, the husband and wife had already moved the body to another room.

Meanwhile, the family of the 17-year-old F refuted the claims of suicide. “My daughter cannot commit suicide,” the deceased’s mother H* told Geo News.

The mother also said that F had called her uncle (H’s brother) and asked to talk to her mother last night (Friday night). However, H was unable to answer the call. The maid’s family lives in Korangi while she stayed at her employer’s residence.

The maid’s paternal uncle, on the other hand, said that F had called him last night and informed him that she was going to a picnic on Saturday.

The uncle told F that the family doesn’t have money to give to her for the picnic. To which she replied that her employer has given her money for it. 

The uncle also claimed that the F’s employer used to give her extra money frequently and had also given F a mobile phone, of which Mazhar’s wife did not know of.

When asked about the situation at hand, Mazhar refused to give a comment.

The role of the IO also aroused suspicion as he was seen sitting in the same car as Mazhar. The IO also sat in the same room as the medical laboratory observer (MLO) during the post-mortem of the body. 

*Names have been hidden to protect identities 


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