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Tuesday Oct 17 2017

GSP+ has been vital for pakistan's economy, says commerce minister

Minister for Commerce and Textiles Mohammad Pervaiz Malik and the Attorney General of Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf Ali held meetings with MEP and Chair of the South Asia Delegation Jean Lambert in the EU Parliament and EU Special Representative for Human Rights Stavros Lambrinidis on Tuesday.

During the meetings, the parliamentarians and high officials were briefed about the progress made by Pakistan in industrial and commercial sectors and the benefits of GSP+ for the common man of Pakistan. 

Various steps taken by the government of Pakistan in the direction of meeting the major aims of GSP+ including poverty eradication by expanding exports, promotion of sustainable development and good governance, were also discussed during the meeting.

Malik also informed that the GSP+ status has brought benefits not only to Pakistan in terms of trade expansion but also to the countries of the European Union, whose exports to Pakistan have also increased as the demand for machinery and other material used in manufacturing has also increased with rising exports in the EU.

Chair of the South Asia Delegation MEP Jean Lambert also hosted a luncheon in the honour of commerce minister and attorney general which was attended by several members of the European Parliament besides members of the South-Asia Delegation.

Malik is currently visiting Belgium for two days as part of his visit to three European Countries, Belgium, France and Germany. his visit to Belgium is focused on the European Union in the perspective of the GSP+ status of Pakistan.


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