Wednesday Nov 01 2017

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah hits out at those ignoring Parliament

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah. Photo: File 

ISLAMABAD: Someone who is detached from Parliament cannot take part in politics, said Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah on Wednesday. 

Speaking during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee in the National Assembly, Shah said importance has to be given to Parliament if someone wants to partake in parliamentary politics. Otherwise [he can] go sell food on the street, he said, adding that, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan will have to come to Parliament.

Talking about the country's power woes, the Pakistan Peoples Party leader said it was stated [by the present government] that load-shedding and circular debt will end. 

However, the circular debt has increased to Rs450 billion and cannot be contained until structural changes are made in the system. 

He despite low global oil prices, the electricity rates have been increased. 

"The poor do not steal electricity. It is the gas and power industries that steal electricity," he stated further.