Flintoff would consider becoming England coach

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff with the Ashes urn, back in the days 

LONDON: Andrew Flintoff has revealed he could consider applying to become England coach when the job is open next year.

Trevor Bayliss has announced his intention to step down after the 2019 Ashes series and former England all-rounder Flintoff is pondering a bid to take over.

Flintoff, 40, played a key part in a memorable Ashes win for England in 2005 and says he was so "disgusted" by the state of the national squad a couple of years ago that he sent an email to the England and Wales Cricket Board to make his interest in the position known.

Speaking in the latest episode of BBC Radio 5 live´s podcast Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy, he said once it was established that Peter Moores would be reapplying for the job, his interest cooled.

However, Flintoff would not rule himself out of the running when the top job comes up again.

"I´m talking with my heart, yes (I´ll apply), I want to do it one day... if they want me to do it, I´ll do it," Flintoff said.

Flintoff, who played 79 Tests for England, revealed how the ECB had taken some convincing his 2014 application was for real.

"I thought you can bang on about it and put players down, or actually do something about it? I thought: ´do you know what? I´ll have a crack at this´, knowing I probably wouldn´t get the job," he said.

"You had to apply like you do with any job, so I wrote an e-mail to the lad who was doing the interview process. Two weeks pass. No reply. Three weeks pass, no reply.

"They (ECB) didn´t believe it was my e-mail. I´ve had one e-mail address all my life, and they said they didn´t know it was me.

"We spoke about it and I was serious, but I had to think if I´d be better than the person they´re choosing."