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Tuesday Feb 13 2018

DLS app: Getting a driving license was never so easy

Sindh Police’s digital driving license system simplifies all processes related to your driving license 

KARACHI: Ever since the Sindh Police launched its digital driving license system a year ago, obtaining a driving license or renewing an old one has never been easier.

The computerised driving license system is facilitated by the Driving License Sindh (DLS) mobile application, available to download for free on both Android and iOS.

The app, as its description on Google Play store reads, is for “citizens of Sindh Province of Pakistan to verify Driving Licenses” and the tools available in the app enable users to “see history of license records/visit, License Fee calculations, Preparation of Theory test, Traffic Fines rates”.

The app also allows users to report complaints/suggestions and do Live Chats with police officials.

The license database also makes the job easier for the police officials and the license system is accessible from any part of the world.


The DLS mobile application is divided into two sections: Services and News.

The Services section has three categories:


Verification of licenses

Payment of license fee

Enquiry of the applications submitted

License history

Driving theory details

Theory test


Under the violation charges, users can educate themselves on violation codes and their respective fines.


Users can register any complaints, offer suggestions, and contact the authorities.

Here are some more screenshots from the app:

The app has questions to prepare you about what to expect in the test:

Fee details also become available after you put in the data: 

"Citizens can use the app to fill out all the details, then visit our branch, pay the license fee, take the fitness test and we will issue the license," a police official explained the process. 


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