Monday Feb 12 2018

Hafizabad gang arrested for extracting spinal fluid from girls

HAFIZABAD: Police on Monday arrested a four-member gang accused of allegedly extracting spinal fluid from unwilling girls and attempting to sell it on the black market.

The father of a 17-year-old victim informed the police that a sample had been taken from his daughter by people who claimed they were employees of a hospital after they claimed that the spinal fluid was a necessary part of a medical checkup, which was required for financial assistance for the victim's dowry.

According to the father, his daughter started feeling weak after returning home. He then reported the incident to the police, informing them about the place where her daughter’s ‘medical test’ had taken place.

Police took action and raided the location in Muhalla Bahawalpura and arrested members of the gang.

"Gang members pretended to be from the DHQ hospital. The gang consists of three males and a female. We were informed by the victim’s father of her sample being taken on the promise of a dowry package being provided under a government scheme,” said SHO Hafizabad.

Equipment, including syringes used by the gang members to extract spinal fluid – Photo Geo News 

Earlier, media reports had stated that bone marrow was extracted from the victims.

The accused have confessed to extracting the spinal fluid, saying they were promised compensation. "We were promised Rs40,000 if we provided 15 samples, however, we could only get 12," one of the accused told media.

Following reports, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif took notice of the incident, saying that the best medical treatment should be provided to the victims. The chief minister also sought a report from the district police office in Hafizabad.