No fatalities as eight bogies of Peshawar-bound train derail near Sehwan

Riaz Narejo

SEHWAN: At least eight bogies of a local train derailed Wednesday night here near the city, authorities said, with no fatalities reported.

Peshawar-bound Khushhal Khan Khattak Express that had left from Karachi derailed near Sehwan, blocking the route for several other trains that use the same track.

Bolan Mail, which also left from Karachi, was consequently halted at Amri in Dadu district, with the up- and down-tracks closed off for other trains.

Railway routes, as of reporting time, were suspended even after three hours have passed since the derailing incident.

Rescue efforts were commenced two hours later, police sources said, with the number of people in the team sent by railway officials being inadequate, effectively slowing down the process.

Inconvenienced passengers from the derailed train started to walk to the Indus Highway where they were hailing cars passing by to reach their destinations.