Friday Feb 22 2019

Pakistanis jailed in Saudi start returning home after Khan-MbS deal

LAHORE/RIYADH: More than a 100 prisoners, deported from Saudi Arabia following an agreement between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Prime Minister Imran Khan, arrived here in the city Thursday night.

It was Khan who made the successful appeal to the Crown Prince, commonly known as MbS, during his visit to Islamabad earlier this week for the return of prisoners.

Saudi officials have commenced the implementation of their side of the deal between Khan and MbS to release and repatriate more than 2,000 Pakistani citizens jailed in the Kingdom over common or petty crimes.

The prisoners, whose immigration process was carried out separately from the other passengers, said they were excited to be back in their motherland.

Immigration officials, on the other hand, commented that these Pakistani citizens returning from Saudi Arabia after being jailed there for years had to undergo a complete checking process to verify their travelling documents.

They were then allowed to go back to their homes.