Medical reports of Lahore women Asma, Hajra reveal torture, injuries

Both the women alleged that they were tortured by their husbands

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LAHORE: Medical examinations of two Lahore women, Asma Aziz and Hajra who both alleged that they had been tortured by their husbands, revealed that the two suffered various injuries.

Asma's medical report released on Friday identified six various wounds. Her fingers bore scratch marks and were swollen.

The examination report stated that Asma had scratch marks on her left ear and cheek. After the torture, Asma's hearing from her left ear has been affected, it added.

It further stated that there is redness and watering in her left eye, however, her vision has not been affected. There are also torture marks on her face, the report said. 

Meanwhile, the medical report of Hajra, whose husband was arrested a day earlier from Lahore's Askari 10 area for torturing her for not bringing money from her parents, stated that she has a broken nose and suffered injuries to her jaw.

The medical report revealed that Hajra's eyes, neck, head and other parts of her body bore torture marks.

"Marks indicating attempts to strangle Hajra were also found on her neck," the medical report stated.

Video clips of Hajra showing her face bleeding profusely had gone viral. She was allegedly tortured by her husband, his brother and some of his other relatives for not bringing money from her parents as dowry.