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Monday Jun 17 2019
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Maj General Asif Ghafoor puts down BJP hawk Amit Shah’s false equivalence of cricket and politics

Web Desk
Major General Ghafoor reacted on a provocative tweet by BJP President Amit Shah. Photo: File

KARACHI: ISPR Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor in a tweet from his personal account reminded Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah to not create a false binary between cricket and politics.

Major General Ghafoor said: “Two things with different denominators can’t be compared. So are strikes & match,” in reaction to a provocative baseless tweet of the Indian union minister.

The general politely said the Indian state official that when in doubt he should see the results of our Nowshera ‘counter strikes and response to IAF violations on 27 Feb19 downing two Indian jets’.

“Stay surprised,” reminded the ISPR head in a thinly veiled reference of Pakistan’s attack inside India after the latter’s blatant violation of territorial sovereignty. 

Major General Ghafoor in a separate tweet, jogged Shah's memory by repeating the series of incidents: "IAF strikes failed, two IAF jets shot down, a pilot arrested, Mi17 fratricide, four broad day light successful PAF Noushera counter air strikes, massive casualties along LOC and damage to Indian posts & artillery gun positions"

"Doctor please," the general remarked on Shah's selective amnesia.

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