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Tuesday Jun 18 2019

PM Imran says will get budget passed, tells Cabinet not to fear Opp's blackmailing

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government will get the Federal Budget 2019-20 passed and that the Cabinet members should not stress about it.

Khan also advised the Cabinet members not to fear any kind of blackmailing tactics from the representatives of the Opposition parties.

According to sources, the premier led a meeting of the Cabinet wherein the government readied a strategy to deal with the Opposition. Khan told the federal ministers to respond to the Opposition's language in kind, the sources added.

The PM Imran noted that since the Opposition does not let the government representatives speak, the latter should not allow the former to speak either. Cabinet members should not, in any condition, falter in their stance, he said.

Not just the Assembly, Khan advised them to stick to their narrative in the media as well and respond extensively.

If the Opposition wished to stage protest, they can go ahead and do it a 100 times, the premier said, but warned that the law will come into action should they hinder the Pakistani people's lives.

Khan underscored that he had not learnt to be scared and that he would not be blackmailed. He advised the Cabinet not to compromise and double down in their responses.