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Wednesday Sep 11 2019

Pakistan-India tensions throw women's cricket series into jeopardy

LAHORE: The recent tensions between Pakistan and India have also spilled into the world of women’s cricket with the upcoming series between Pakistan and Indian women cricket team in jeopardy.

As part of the ICC Championship, Pakistan and India are scheduled to play a series from July to November, to be hosted by India.

The Indian cricket board has sought permission from the government to host the series; however, the Indian government is yet to give an answerback.

According to sources in the Pakistan Cricket Board, Pakistan will not contact India for the series, since India is responsible for hosting the series.

The source added, no contact has been made from the India side over the series either.

In the past, the Indian women's cricket team refused to play a series with Pakistan, despite Pakistan offering to play the series at a neutral venue.

Due to India's refusal to play the series, Pakistan was awarded the points.

An International Cricket Council (ICC) spokesman said the series between the two countries and it was the responsibility of the member countries to arrange the series.

The spokesman added, if the issue of points table came to ICC, it will be resolved.