WATCH: Hijab falls off woman footballer, opposition players make wonderful gesture

Viral video on social media has fans hailing the opposing team players

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Photo: Sagal News

After the headscarf (hijab) of a female soccer player from Jordan fell of during a match, other players participating in the game gathered around her to form a protective shield in order to protect her dignity. 

According to a video shared on social networking platform Twitter by the Jordanian Football Association, the headscarf of the player, whose identity is as yet uncertain, partially came off at a match. 

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As the woman player quickly tried to put the scarf back on, and fell down to the ground in embarrassment, other players, even from the opposing team, gathered around her to give her some privacy. 

The video is dated October 2018, and was re-shared on Twitter by the popular sports channel ESPN. In just a few hours, the media has acquired millions of views on Twitter, with users applauding the gesture. 

Some reports suggest that the video was from a West Asian Football Federation Club Championship match. 

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The championship had featured football teams from Jordan, Palestine, Bahrain, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. Jordan-based club Shabab al Ordon had won the title. 

"This video should be shown to lawmakers who are working hard to ban hijab. While the lawmakers are looking to ban hijab at schools in Germany, majority of students oppose the lawmakers," a user said.