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Thursday Nov 07 2019
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6 hilarious memes on the 'Jemima-Vicky' conspiracy...

Web Desk

A statement from Mufti Kifayatullah went viral on social media a couple of days ago. The JUI-F leader had said during an interview that WikiLeaks was founded by a Jewish agent who was a cousin of Jemima Goldsmith--the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran--and that his name was 'Vicky'. 

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The statement from Kifayatullah went viral after Jemima reacted to it and took a dig at the JUI-F leader as well. 

Here are 6 hilarious memes that started to do the rounds on the internet regarding the WikiLeaks accusations. 

1. Bringing Sarim back into the game 

This Twitter user hilariously used Sarim—the Pakistani fan who went viral during his team’s abysmal performance in a world cup clash—to highlight his disappointment at Kifayatullah’s ‘Vicky’ allegations. 

2. Another viral meme used to perfection…

This Twitter user hilariously uses a picture of Momin Saqib to depict how Julian Assange must have felt when Kifayatullah ‘exposed’ him on national TV. 

3. The infamous Vicky captured red-handed…

Or rather, Photoshopped. This Twitter user made brilliant use of his photoshop skills to seat Assange beside Imran Khan and Jemima. 

4. The Wahab-Vicky connection…

Of course Wahab would be the obvious candidate for the Vicky. Even his Twitter handle is @WahabViki...

5. One Twitter user thought Bill Gates was also ‘in on it’…

This user suggests Bill Gates, who worked extensively with the prime minister to eradicate polio in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is also a cousin of Jemima and pushing for an agenda of his own. 

6. The man himself...

As identified by Kifayatullah himself, Julian Assange is none other than the infamous Vicky.