Tuesday Nov 26 2019

Adnan Akmal hails Pakistan cricket's new domestic structure

Akmal has said that pitches need more improvement. Photo: PCB

Wicket-keeper batsman Adnan Akmal has hailed Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) new domestic structure, saying that the system will help the sport in all three formats of the game.

Talking to media in Karachi after his unbeaten 107 for Southern Punjab against Sindh, Akmal said that the only thing that needs improvement is the standard of pitches.

“The Kookaburra balls are good for cricket. It will help everyone improve the standard of their game. Everyone, including batsmen, fast bowlers and spinners, gets a chance to improve,” Akmal told media.

“However, we need to improve the quality of pitches; they are a bit dead and we need to make it more sporting,” he said.

Adnan, who is the third member of the Akmal family to play test cricket, expressed satisfaction on the performances by all three siblings this season.

“All three of us play cricket regularly. We don’t miss any game, even of club cricket, which helps us stay in form,” he said.

“We don’t feel that we are being victimised or facing any biased treatment. My job is to perform and that’s the only thing I am focused on,” he responded when asked if they feel any bias against them.

Akmal added that he is always available for playing on behalf of his country and will perform whenever he is given the chance. 

“I got injured (at the time of selection) and Sarfaraz came and he performed well. Now Rizwan is also there so there is tough competition, however, I am confident that whenever I get the chance, I will perform the way I used to before being out due to injury,” he said.

He also emphasized the need for letting players grow at domestic level before being handed a test cap.

“I came to Test cricket after playing 10 seasons, which helped me in strengthening my nerves, and taught me how to perform according to the situation,” he said.

“A player shouldn’t be handed a test cap merely after one season or one performance. This is also an injustice to the player, who needs at least three to four seasons to groom and grow as player,” Akmal concluded.