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Sunday Apr 05 2020
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Miley Cyrus gets candid about her most favourite ‘old’ song

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 Miley Cyrus opens up on her most favourite ‘old’ song

Miley Cyrus has been making a large number of headlines recently with her relationship with Cody Simpson, garnering media attention wherever she goes.

While practising social distancing, Miley Cyrus partook in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, wherein the 27-year-old answered a number of Twitter questions submitted by fans.

One of the questions made Miley take a trip down memory lane and reveal her most favourite ‘old’ song from her albums over the years. She was quoted saying, "I was heading to Australia when the kind of seriousness of COVID-19, they started kind of, you know, shutting off international travel and telling us it wasn't safe to fly, but I was on my way to Australia and I was about to do a show for bushfire relief, and I don't have new music out, so I really, like, dug into the archive," Miley revealed.

"I went back into the old stuff, and I started thinking, like, '7 Things' and 'See You Again' and 'Who Owns My Heart' and 'Can't Be Tamed.' And then I realized that, like, I think the idea that I've changed, it's really far off. I actually haven't changed at all."

She further went on to explain, "I was totally warning people. You know, my first song, 'Can't Be Tamed,' is like, 'I wanna fly / I wanna drive / I wanna go.' You know? And I think that I still really relate to songs like that. It said, 'I wanna be a part of something that I don't know / and if you try to hold me back, I'm bound to explode / By now, you should know / that I can't be tamed.'”

She concluded by saying, “So I was already telling y'all that...something was about to happen and that I wasn't Hannah Montana. So I still relate to those songs a lot, so I really love that record that I made, 'Can't Be Tamed.' That's one of my favorite songs."