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Monday Aug 24 2020
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Fawad Alam pays no heed to constant stance scrutiny by experts

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Fawad Alam is known for his unusual batting stance. Photo: AFP

Batsman Fawad Alam has said that critics scrutinising his batting stance  does not bother him and that he would continue to play the way he plays.

Alam, playing Test cricket after 10 years, has drawn comparisons with West Indies great Shivnarine Chanderpaul due to their similar open-chested, sideways stances.

However, while the cricket community had learnt to tolerate the Caribbean leftie, it’s having trouble digesting Alam, with experts opining that he would remain susceptible to LBW dismissals and find it hard to score on the off side.

The man himself says he’s not one bit bothered for being put under the magnifying glass every time he comes out to bat.

“I have no difficulty playing with this stance. I do listen to the remarks passed about my stance but I take them in a positive manner. I got to this stage and am representing Pakistan on the basis of the stance I have,” he said in an video conference from England following the end of play on day three of the third Test.

“The batsmen with orthodox stance also get out on zero and also make hundreds, which is why this topic does not hold much value to me.”