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Wednesday Sep 23 2020

'Faisal Vawda should be the last person to point fingers at others'

The PML-N stalwart Khuwaja Asif (L) alleged that Faisal Vawda (R) does not pay taxes, took advantage of the amnesty scheme and that he is also accused of fake degrees

PML-N senior leader Khawaja Asif on Wednesday said federal minister Faisal Vawda should be the last person to accuse anyone of wrongdoing given the long list of charges pending against the PTI lawmaker. 

Asif made the observation during a Geo News TV show while responding to a question regarding how the PML-N would move forward politically given the accusations of treachery being levelled against it. 

Vawda's tweet, in which he accused a former SECP official of helping steal sensitive data, allegedly at the PML-N's behest, and providing it to handlers in India was also brought up by the host.

Asif noted that the minister for water resources had allegedly built a property in London, which was not disclosed in Pakistan; paid no taxes (as revealed in the recently-released parliamentarians' tax directory); has taken advantage of amnesty schemes; and is also accused of having a fake degree.

He further noted that a case regarding Vawda's dual citizenship is also pending before a tribunal.

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"When you claim equity, the maxim of equity is that you should have clean hands. I have to regretfully say that Faisal Vawda's hands are not clean," he said, explaining that the allegations may have held some weight had they come from someone who was clean. 

"One should not even mention his [Vawda's] name and mention what he has said or uttered in the cabinet."