Friday Oct 30 2020
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Turkey earthquake: Watch horrified online-streamer run for his life after strong jolts

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A live streamer scared to death after experiencing horrific tremors. Photo: Twitter 

The video of a live-streamer leaving his recording on and running for his life after feeling a frightening 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey on Friday afternoon, has gone viral on the internet.

The boy can be seen in the video, live-streaming when the entire room starts shaking due to the strong quake.

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The video, which has gone viral on social media, could not be independently verified. It was tweeted by a news outlet by the name of SV News.

Screaming at once and throwing away his headphones, the live-streamer calls out to someone before bolting from the room.

So far, four people have been reported dead in the earthquake with a Turkish official claiming that 20 buildings collapsed due to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

The strong quakes have been felt in Athens and Istanbul too while media reports claim the worst-affected remains the Izmir province.

The epicentre was some 17 km (11 miles) off the coast of the Izmir province, at a depth of 16 km, said Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). The U.S. Geological Survey said the depth was 10 km and that the epicentre was 33.5 km off Turkey's coast.

Residents of the Greek island of Samos, which has a population of about 45,000, were urged to stay away from coastal areas, Eftyhmios Lekkas, head of Greece's organisation for anti-seismic planning, told Greece's Skai TV.

Turkey's President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted: "Get well soon ─░zmir."

"With all the means of our state, we stand by our citizens affected by the earthquake. We took action to start the necessary work in the region with all our relevant institutions and ministers," Erdogan said.