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Saturday Oct 31 2020
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Prince Charles ‘pushed’ into ‘freighting’ marriage with Princess Diana by Prince Philip

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Prince Charles ‘pushed’ into ‘freighting’ marriage with Princess Diana

In regards to marriage prospects with Princess Diana, Prince Charles reportedly felt ‘pressured’ and ‘pushed’ into accepting the arrangement, reportedly because of Prince Philip.

Ingrid Seward, the author of the book Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century, spoke to Us Weekly about Prince Phillip’s hand in the young prince’s marriage to Princess Diana.

Seward told the publication that Prince Charles "felt he’d been very pushed into marrying” Princess Diana all because of his dad.

The stress of making the ‘right’ decision reportedly began, right after Prince Philip had a straightforward conversation with his son about not 'leading women on'.

“He told some of his friends that he felt pressurized into marrying Diana because Philip said, ‘You’ve either got to marry her or let her go. You can’t string a … young girl [along]. She’s only 19. You can’t string her along.' And all the press is saying, ‘Oh, this is going to be the next queen.’ You’ve got to take a stand and say that this is not going to work, or you marry her.”

With this conversation running through his mind, Seward believes Charles felt "frightened of his father" and thus "he probably thought, ‘Well, OK. I’ll marry her if that’s what you want me to do.’”