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Wednesday Nov 25 2020

Sania Mirza pens down emotional ode to all mothers who dare to dream

Sania Mirza poses with her Tennis racket and her son Izhan Malik in Tennis court. Photo:

Indian Tennis ace Sania Mirza on Wednesday shared a heartfelt note to all mothers who are trying their best to balance their careers with their dreams and aspirations.

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, Mirza revealed that she was moved to pen down her journey as a successful sports player and a mother to two-year-old Izhaan Malik after getting inspired by another renowned name in the sports arena, Serena Jameka Williams, who is an American professional tennis player and former world No. 1 in women's single-tennis.

"Serena Williams your story has inspired me to pen this letter. The #BeingSerena echoes my experience and that of women worldwide who everyday balance family and personal goals," the young mother wrote on the photo-sharing app.

Opening about her choices in life where she decided to walk on a different path than most girls of her age, the Indian Tennis star also disclosed about her early days of pregnancy and the efforts she had to put in to get back to her form as per the requirement of her profession.

"Just like her [Serena], pregnancy is something that I had experienced for the first time in my life. I thought about it and I think we all have a certain picture about it, but, once you experience it, you really understand what it means. It absolutely changes you as a human being," Mirza shared.

Delving into details, the sports star said that getting back to shape and form can be 'challenging' and she can relate to the struggles endured by her fellow tennis player, Serena. "I wasn't sure if I was ever going back to being fit and playing tennis again. However, I lost around 26 kilos with a lot of workout regimes and very strict diets and came back to Tennis because that is what I know, love, and do," she mentioned.

"Serena's efforts to be a perfectionist on the court and off as well. motivate us all. She has taught the world that you can have it all if you work hard and don't give up on your dreams," Mirza concluded her letter.