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Tuesday Dec 01 2020
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'Queen enjoys getting hands wet in the sink'

Web Desk

While it comes to no surprise that the Queen has maids, butlers and other services at her disposal, she actually enjoys getting her hands wet in the sink.

According to former royal butler Paul Burrell, the monarch likes doing the dishes whenever she out in Balmoral. 

Apparently, she like to put on a pair of yellow dish gloves and wash utensils while a lady-in-waiting dries them.

"She likes to wash up. She puts on the Marigolds and when she goes out to the log cabin at Balmoral she is stood there with her Marigolds on and washes up and the lady-in-waiting dries. She likes to get her hands wet in the sink," he said.

"This is where she loves to be, this is holiday time for the Queen."

Meanwhile, when asked about the Queen's eating habits, Paul disclosed that she is very conscious about her diet and portions. 

"She only ever eats very little portions. She doesn’t eat a Christmas dinner like we do where it is piled high and you can’t see each other across the table.

"She doesn’t eat like that. If you say anything about the Queen, she has something which the rest of them don’t have – she has great self-discipline."

Meanwhile, another interesting fact, revealed by former royal cook Darren McGrady, was that the Queen was a fan of plastic containers and would often eat out from them. 

"At Balmoral she’d eat fruit from a plastic, yellow Tupperware container," he said.