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Thursday Dec 17 2020
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Retweets are back!: Twitter won't ask you to quote tweet anymore

Web Desk
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Retweets are back!

Twitter will no longer automatically prompt quote tweet when you try to retweet a post.

"After learning from this product experience, we’re sharing an update: today Retweet functionality will be returning to the way it was before," the company announced in a statement. 

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In October, the micro-blogging site had rolled out this policy with the aim to encourage people to tweet and amplify information more thoughtfully.

"Our goal with prompting QTs (instead of Retweets) was to encourage more thoughtful amplification. We don’t believe that this happened, in practice."

"The use of Quote Tweets increased, but 45% of them included single-word affirmations and 70% had less than 25 characters," it noted. "The increase in Quote Tweets was also offset by an overall 20% decrease in sharing through both Retweets and Quote Tweets."

"Considering this, we will no longer prompt Quote Tweets from the Retweet icon."